Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch
Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch

Frequently asked questions about Horseback Rides

Please Note: Yellowstone Horses and Eagle Ridge Ranch are two seperate busineses, but Yellowstone Horses is located at the Eagle Ridge Ranch. As a courtesy, all horseback riding guests are allowed to take part in Eagle Ridge Ranch's additional activities such as fishing, swimming, etc. as a courtesy from Eagle Ridge Ranch. All guests must sign two release forms: one for Yellowstone Horses and one for Eagle Ridge Ranch. All additional activities are under the direction of Eagle Ridge Ranch.

Q. How Early Should I Arrive for My Ride?

A. Guests are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to their scheduled reservation to allow time to sign release forms and get ready for your ride. We like to start right on time, and this gives you extra allowance in case you miscalculate distance or take a wrong turn somewhere (or maybe have to wait for the buffalo to cross the road in the park J). There is plenty to do if you're early.

Q. What should I bring?

A. The following are recommendations for what guests might want or need when visiting the ranch.  These are only suggestions, they are not neccessary.

*Water and snacks
*Insect Repellant

*Swimsuit and towel
*Long pants for the ride
*Closed Toed Shoes
*Picnic lunch (to eat before or after the ride)
*Cash for snack and/or gratuity
Sunscreen and/or baseball cap

*Dress according to the weather (jacket)

Q. Is There is Weight Limit to Ride Horses?

 A.  Yes, all guests must be under 275 lbs. to participate.  Keep in mind that though we allow persons up to  275 lbs to participate, some persons who meet this requirement may not be physically fit enough to ride horses. We reserve the right to initiate a different weight limit if we feel it is neccessary for the safety of our horses as well as the guest. The guest must also have the ability to mount their horse without assistance. 

Q. Can we ride double with young kids on the same horse?

A. Unfortunately, no. For the safety of our horses and our guests, we cannot allow double riders. 

Q. If a child is old enough to ride a horse, but is afraid to ride by themselves, can they ride with an adult?

A.  No. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. It if very normal for a child to feel afraid, even a child that prior to arriving to the ranch was very excited to ride a horse! The best thing to do for a nervous child is to wait until almost everyone else in the group is on their horse and ready to go, and then mount the youngster on his or her horse close to last.  The scariest part of the horseback ride is usually the very beginning while waiting for everyone to be mounted on their horse. Once the child is on the trail and sees how easy going it is, they typically settle down very quickly. 

Q. Do you offer daycare for the children who are too young to ride? What can they do while the rest of our group is riding horses? 

A. We do not offer daycare for your chilren at the ranch. You will need to designate an adult in your party to stay behind with any young children in your group. Some groups choose to take turns riding the horses and watching children: for example, part of your group rides at 1:30, and the other part of your group rides at 4:00. We can offer a short 15 minute corral ride for the children ages 2-4 who are not allowed to ride on the trail. The horse will be led by a staff member, but a responsible adult will need to walk alongside the horse and child.  This is only available to guests ages 2-4 who are unable to ride a horse themselves. Release forms must be signed by everyone visiting the ranch wether they are horseack riding or not. While the rest of your group is horseback riding, there are plenty of other things for the adult and young children to do to keep them entertained while they wait. 

Q. If we have guests in our party not doing the horseback ride, how much do you charge them to be at the ranch?

A. The price for non-riders (including children ages 2-4) is $10 per person to be at the ranch. You will recieve a wristband which gives you access to the other activities at the ranch such as canoeing and fishing. Even if you don't plan to do these things, we still need to charge you. Yellowstone Horses gives this $10 payment directly to Eagle Ridge Ranch. If you are a horseback rider, we will cover the $10 cost for you so that all you pay for is the ride. Please keep in mind that ALL persons must sign release forms upon arrival.

Q. Why are your rates for horseback rides so much cheaper than other ranches around?

A. We feel like we have one of the best and least expensive ranches in the Yellowstone area for horseback riding!  We love families and groups of all sizes, and we want to make a day of pleasure affordable for EVERYONE, including those who have large families or groups.  There is nothing inferior about riding horses with Yellowstone Horses at the Eagle Ridge Ranch, in fact, we believe you will not find a better horseback riding experience within a 200 mile radius of us!  And what's even better is we offer so much more than just a regular dude ranch: fishing, swimming, canoeing, cookouts, skeet shooting, archery, etc. make us truly unique.  We have simply chosen not to overinflate our prices! 

Q. Do I need a fishing license to fish at the ranch?

A. No, the ranch is private property, so no fishing license is required!

Q. Can we enjoy free fishing and other ranch activities with any of the rides, or just the afternoon family special?

A.  ANY of our horseback riding guests are welcome to fish, swim, boat, canoe, catch frogs, etc. at no additional charge.  If you plan on coming to the ranch and staying awhile we recommend bringing a picnic lunch as well as clothes you can change into to get wet! If you have some in your party who are not horseback riding, they need to pay $10 directly to Eagle Ridge Ranch to be at the ranch and participate in other activites.  

Q. Can we keep the fish we catch?

A. Preferably, no.  The fishing is catch and release.  However, if you are really determined to keep a fish that you've caught, and if we really like you :), we can make an exception for $5 a fish. 

Q. What are the differences between the three daily rides offered?

A. In a nutshell, the half-day rides are longer (about three hours) and ride high into the mountains. The short 2 hour morning ride, afternoon and evening rides are about two hours and stay in the lowlands of the ranch. The short morning ride, afternoon family special and the evening rides are essentially the same as each other with two exceptions: the time of day they are offered, and the price. The guests help choose things like the rate of travel, how often informative stops are made, and things like photo-stops.  The ranch in a network of intertwining trails and areas to explore.  Every ride will be somewhat different.

Q. What Should I Wear?

A. Though we do occasionally have guests ride in shorts, it is generally not recommended. Long pants and close-toed shoes are best for horseback riding. Some may also want a hat for sun protection. In addition, don’t forget your sunscreen!  On cool days, a jacket may be appropriate.  We have saddlebags available if you need one. If you didn't pack the appropriate clothing for horseback riding on your trip, don't fret.  You can still join us, but you may not be as comfortable.  

Q. Can We Bring Water and Snacks?

A.  Yes! Just remember to bring all trash back out with you so we can keep our trails clean. We have small saddle horn bags on every saddle that are just the right size for a small or medium sized water bottle. Some guests prefer to bring backpacks, and you are welcome to do so, but just keep in mind that sometimes it is inconvenient to access them while riding. Backpacks taken off during the ride can also spook the horses.  We strongly encourage you to bring the minimum neccessities and leave the backpack behind.  You can also ask for a saddle bag if you have medical items you don't want to leave behind.

Remember, the ranch also has several picnic tables set in beautiful locations for those who would like to pack a lunch.

Q. How Long Will it Take to Drive From West Yellowstone?

A. Approximately 35 minutes, and it's a beautiful drive.

Q. What if We Have Never Rode a Horse Before?

A. That's no problem! Before every ride, our wranglers and guides teach a basic horsemanship and safety course. At this time we try to determine a guest’s level of ability. Using this determination, we then match our guests with the appropriate horses.

Q. Are We Allowed to Ride Where We Want to?

A. Yes. After leaving the corral area, your guide will stop and allow riders to change their locations. This can be done as often as you want during the entire ride; you do not have "assigned seats". However, for safety purposes we ask you not to break away from the group, or attempt to pass another horse while traveling. (Horses have a "pecking order" and might kick at, or run from another horse who is trying to pass).

Q. One of the members of our group is allergic to horses.  Is there anything she can do while we are on the horse ride?

 A. Sure, absolutely!  We understand that not eveyone in your group or family will be able to ride a horse.  Eagle Ridge Ranch will allow These persons to fish in the lake, use the paddle boats and canoes, or go for a walk around the ranch.  There is a nominal charge of $10 per person for this.  Also, we will need everyone in your group (riders as well as non-riders) to sign two release forms: one for horseback riding (including the non-riders) and one for Eagle Ridge Ranch that covers all water activities. 

Q. Grandma and Grandpa feel like they are past the age to ride horses, but they'd like to join us for the Western Cowboy Cookout.  Is this an option? What is the cost?

A. Sure, that's no problem.  We want to keep your family all together, so if you have members that can't ride a horse for whatever reason, they can still participate in the cookout with everyone else.  The cost for a non-rider per adult is $30 and $20 for children 11 and younger.  If these guests will also be at the ranch during the horse ride and taking part in the water activities, they may also be assessed $10 charge to fish, paddle board, etc.  Please let us know specifically how many riders and non-riders you will have when you make your reservation.

Q. We don't want to ride horses, can we just pay to come to the ranch and fish?  

A.We are a horseback riding business only.  We do not own the ranch, and therefore cannot give anybody permission to use the ranch facilities unless they are one of our horsbeack riding guests.  If you are interested in finding out more information about Eagle Ridge Ranch and the things they offer, please call 208-558-0900.  


Q. Are We Allowed to Run Our Horses?

A. No! Our horses are not the sleepy, lazy, fat horses that are frequently found in commercial type riding situations. Most of our horses are either ranch horses, or semi-retired professional horses. Many of these horses have been previously owned by professional calf ropers, team ropers, steer wrestlers, and barrel racers. We have found that these horses, after slowing just a little, and no longer winning in professional competition, are still valuable trail horses; these horses are still competitive and far superior to ordinary saddle horses. Although our professional rodeo horses are now working in a slower environment, they still have their speed and agility. These horses are used in the mountains every day and their physical condition is similar to that of a race horse being used on the track! With these factors in mind, running our horses can be dangerous; not only for the person who is allowing their horse to run, but for the person who is riding another horse that instinctively wants to compete with the running horse! Our meadows are home to many burrowing animals such as rock chucks, wolverines, and badgers; they burrow in the soil leaving holes that running horses could step in and break legs! If you want to run your horse, go to one of the businesses that have the fat, sleepy, horses; you'll actually have to work to make them trot!


Q. Is There Lodging Offered at the Ranch?

A. Yes, there are several cabins of various sizes available to rent at the ranch.  The cabins are very well kept, nice, and comfortable! However, Yellowstone Horses deals strictly with horseback riding and has no connection with cabin reservations, so we can't tell you prices are what's available.  For more information about cabins, visit Or call 208-558-0900.

For Reservations: (208)-558-7077

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