Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch
Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch

About Yellowstone Horses and Eagle Ridge Ranch

Does this look like a familiar face to you?  Tom Angell and family have been conducting horseback rides in the Island Park, Idaho and West Yellowstone, Montana areas for more than three decades!  There are even a handful of guests that have been riding with the Angells since that beginning. 

   In Spring of 2012 at the age of 65, Tom suffered a major heart attack while in West Yellowstone and his heart literally stopped working.  After several months, weeks in the hospital, time in a coma, surgery, and a miracle from God, Tom recovered nearly 100% (though a good portion of his heart did not)!  We are so thankful for this miracle.  Since this time, and with a little pleading from his family to slow down, Tom has taken a different role in the horseback riding business, mainly focusing his expertise on advertising for the business and taking care of the horses.  Tom Angel and family teamed up with Steve and Susan Hyde, the general managers of Eagle Ridge Ranch to offer Yellowstone Horses to the public.  You may not see Tom when you come to visit us, but you can be assured that he is still in on every detail of what happens at the ranch! 

   Though he's at the right age, and though his family often suggests it, Tom has no intention of retiring!   He still takes care of all the horses in the winter, feeding them daily and tending to their needs. He vaccinates all the horses and tends to their dental needs. Tom grows, waters, and cuts the hay for the horses to eat, and he spends hours and days walking through West Yellowstone and Island Park making sure brochures are kept in the racks and window posters in the windows of the local businesses.  On occasion, he's even been caught shoeing a horse.  No, this is not the typical retirement that most people envision.  But for Tom, to stop working would mean to stop living!  He is truly a prime example of a "western" cowboy! 


The Eagle Ridge Ranch is a working cattle ranch and commercial horseback rides have been offered for many years.  However, there is more to the ranch than just horseback riding and grazing cows. Also available at the ranch are cabin rentals,  fishing in the ranch's private fishing ponds, and canoeing and paddling.  In addition, the ranch is centrally located to guests staying in both Island Park, Idaho and West Yellowstone, Montana.  The Eagle Ridge Ranch is conveniently located just 30 minutes South of Yellowstone National Park and ten minutes North of Last Chance in Island Park.  Many guests even come horseback riding with us from Rexburg, Ashton, and Idaho Falls Idaho as well as Big Sky, Bozeman, and Ennis Montana.  The Ranch is easy to find, yet off the beaten path enough that the nearly 2,000 acres it comprises is still in pristine condition.

   The Shotgun Valley area was a favorite summer and fall hunting location for the Indians, but the winters were too harsh; the Indians went to lower locations.  Actual obsidian arrowheads can still be found at the ranch!

   In the late 1990s, a real fancy rodeo arena was constructed and semi-pro rodeos were offered every week at the ranch.  Because of insurance complications the rodeo arena has been removed, there are still weekly rodeos offered at the Meadow View Ranch in upper Island Park.  Check out our links to area businesses for more information.

   Today, the ranch is still considered a working cattle ranch.  Thousands of cattle graze every summer and can be seen with their young calves.

   The ranch has several lakes, ponds, and natural streams.  The water coupled with the beautiful mountainous background makes for incredible views and photo opportunities.

   The horses at the ranch are impressive!  We take extra precaution in choosing only horses that we can completely trust with our guests.  We have horses for every level of ability!  We have had many of our horses for several years, and they have proven themselves through and through.

   Yellowstone Horses is not a huge franchise business.  We are selective in our guides, and they thoroughly enjoy working at the ranch. We dedicate ourselves every summer to help Yellowstone tourists create memories that they will never forget.  We strive to give every guest a memorable experience that will be one of the highlights of their trips!  Our methods over the years have proven to be very successful.

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