Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch
Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch


Did you miss seeing a moose in Yellowstone National Park?  Did you know that the highest concentration of moose in the Yellowstone area is found in Island Park, Idaho?  Eagle Ridge Ranch is the perfect natural habitat for moose and many other wild animals including bear, elk, ducks, badger, cranes, deer, coyotes, beaver, and bald eagles. . . there are too many to list! 


Wildlife is seen often on these horseback rides, but remember this is wildlife in the true wild! The area we ride in is close to Yellowstone National Park, but it’s open to hunting and fishing, it’s not a game preserve. 

Cow moose spotted on the ranch.

Elk are often seen on the mountain rides while moose are in the meadows

This young moose wandered right into the pond area last spring.  He looked a little scroungy after a long winter!

This fox almost seemed friendly when he came right into the barn as if to say, "hello."

We were surprised to awaken one morning and find grizzly bear tracks just feet from the barn.  Apparently a young grizzly visited us in the night. Food attracts bears so don't leave any!

A pretty little bluebird sits on a fence post with a worm, waiting to feed her babies.  The Mountain Bluebird is Idaho's state bird.

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Yellowstone Horses


Island Park, Idaho

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