Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch
Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch


“All of the horses were so curious, so friendly, they immediately came near the fence where we were to say "whats up, sister?" . . .It wasn't really a traditional trail ride. Our guide, a cowboy named Tanner, pretty much told me to go where I want to go and the rest of the group will follow. The ranch is just massive! . . .After the ride, I had the chance to feed some of the other horses barley and oats. They were only too happy to be fed.” Jean - Sydney, Australia (taken by permission from Jean's blog,

"I just wanted to send a note to thank our guide Tanner for being able to keep our kids and horses calm during our recent ride through a thunder/hail storm, and Porter for riding out to find us and give the little kids coats to wear on our ride back to the ranch. We rode twice that week at your ranch. Once on just a normal ride and another on the ride that we'll never forget. Both were fun, but the second was the most memorable. Thanks for a great time, and hopefully we'll see you all next year!" Kerri Ferguson

"My family and I spent 10-14 days a year in Island Park. This past summer was the first time we went to Eagle Ridge to ride horses. The ride was great! All the other incredible activities we did while there (fishing, frog catching, archery course, etc.) was frosting on the cake. We had a great time and the staff there were fantastic!" Stephen Savage

"Thanks so much, we had a great time, we set out for an adventure that afternoon and we certainly got one!  Glad that the other group was late because we got to join you in exploring a new trail and although we were a little apprehensive at first, jumping over the creeks was fun.  The weather and the scenery were amazing, we could have stayed out there for hours.  We really appreciate your accommodating us on such short notice, it was great to meet you all, you are all so friendly we look forward to coming back not just for riding but to stay a few days at the ranch.  Thanks again, we had an amazing time and look forward to going back soon."

Brad and Monica Standage

Simi Valley, CA

"Great rides on beautiful trails with wonderful wranglers. We had an excellent ride the first day so, of course, we had to go on a second. Instructions were professional and easy to understand. The horses were well trained and matched to the skill of the riders. We will definitely be going again this summer." Malley Dirks Gaulding - Dallas, Texas

"We enjoy bringing our kids each year to ride!  It is definitely the best part of their trip, and they always make sure we remember to include horseback riding in our summer vacation each year.  Even our youngest is now old enough to ride a horse, and the horses are always well-behaved so we don't have to worry.  Thanks for giving us such a great experience."

Shauna and Shay Cheyney

Huntsville, Utah

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Yellowstone Horses


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