Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch
Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch

Other Activities at the Ranch (no additinal cost)

You'll be amazed at all the fun things you can do at the ranch! Don't forget to bring a swimsuit and towel with you because you won't want to miss out on the rope swing and water trampoline!


What's better than fishing and riding horses on the same day?  Having them both available at the same location!  Spend part of your day riding horses at the ranch and the other half fishing for free!  The fishing is catch and release, and you can use a rod or a reel (ask about our loaner poles if you don't have your own).  The best part about fishing on the ranch is that no fishing license is required on our private property!

Boating, Paddle Boats, and Canoes

The Eagle Ridge Ranch has several paddleboats, canoes, and row boats for guests who are looking for something more to do before or after their horse ride.  Life jackets are provided (and required) at the ranch.

Picnic by the Lake

Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy by the lake after your horse ride, then spend the rest of the day boating or fishing on the water.  There is a Subway restaurant just North of the ranch off Highway 20, or we also recommend stopping by Ernie's Deli on your way out of West Yellowstone.

Catching Toads and Frogs

Young children (and those young at heart) will love spending part of the day catching frogs, toads, and occasionally salamanders in the streams and ponds at the Eagle Ridge Ranch.  Every child should have the opportunity to catch a frog themselves at some point in their life, and the ranch is an ideal habitat for such amphibians.  And yes, we have modern bathrooms with hot water to wash your hands afterwards.  Don't forget to bring your swim suit or a pair of shorts to wade in the water!

Photos of Yellowstone Horses, Island Park
This photo of Yellowstone Horses is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Mountain 3-hour ride (9:45 am)

Yellowstone Horses



Looking to take a horse ride with Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch? Contact us to make a reservation. We look forward to welcoming you here!

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