Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch
Yellowstone Horses at Eagle Ridge Ranch

Fall Schedule and Prices

Yellowstone Horses at the Eagle Ridge Ranch is open for horseback riding in the fall! 


September is a grat timer to visit the Yellowstone and Island Park area!  Gone are the crowds and traffic jams that are typical in July and August, and the crisp Autumn air changes the wonderful Aspen trees to a beautiful golden hugh.  This is the time of year when the bull elk are in their rut and looking for haroms of elk cows to claim as their own throughout the winter.  Those who have listened to the elk bugle know that is is an exhilerating rush!


RESERVATIONS ARE RQUIRED as we always let the horses stay out to pasture to graze on days when there are very few guests; we want to make sure we are prepared for you when you come!


September 1-10th:  Morning and Afternoon rides available.  No Evening or Cookout Rides

After September 11th -22nd: Morning and afternoon Rides offered on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only.  (closed for the season after Satuday, September 22)

9:50 Mountain Half-Day (3 hours)

This is by far our most popular ride at the ranch!  We travel high in the mountains and down in the deep ravines.  There are many trails available, but typically this ride will cover it all from the mountains, meadows, trees, streams, and so forth.  Guests do not have to have experience for this ride, and the ride is apporpriate for all ages. 

Price: $75 per person


1:30 Afternoon Ride            (2 hours)

Join us in the afternoon for a satisfysing 2 hour horse ride.  There are many intertwining trails throughout the massive ranch, so if you have a specific request be sure to tell your guide.  Generally this ride will stay in the lower parts of the country riding throught the trees, in the meadows, and around the lakes and streams on the ranch. 

Price: $55 per person

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Yellowstone Horses


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